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Island of Empathy

Island of Empathy explores the relationship between human beings and nature. The exhibition looks into the potential of art as a means of healing individuals, but also the ills of society while researching the notions of empathy, healing, and intersubjectivity in the context of human and non-human interaction.

The exhibition is organised in Helsinki both at HAA Gallery in Suomenlinna between 5 June–21 August 2021 and at Malmitalo Gallery between 10 June–20 August 2021. Island of Empathy is produced by Helsinki Artists’ Association in collaboration with London-based Arts Territory. The exhibition is part of Helsinki Biennial and Art Fair Suomi Goes Galleries.

Participate in Public Art Work for Tierp Train Station!

I am making a public art work to Tierp railway station. Tierp is a small town in Sweden, about 200 km north of Stockholm. The art work will have a large bronze relief and a soundtrack. Sounds are human-made train sounds, sounds that people make when playing with train toys, such as wooden train tracks.

I hope to get sounds for this cheerful work from people of different ages and languages. Could you record your voice to be part of Tierp sound track? The sounds can be train imitations, spoken “chugga chugga choo choo” -type of sounds, or anything in between, everyone can choose their own style.

The sounds are recorded at during winter and spring 2021. Recording can be easily done with a mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Maximum length of one recording is 90 seconds. Voices will be anonymous, participants names will not be recorded or used in any way. There is more info on the website. If you have any questions, I am happy to tell more about the art work.

Above: draft of Tierp work. The elements are the soundtrack, train track shaped bronze relief, steel plates that function as vibration loudspeakers and a wall painting.

Cascade at Caisa

The On the Waves exhibition combines a kinetic installation based on wave motion by Pia Männikkö with photos from the shores of Helsinki by Jaana Kaipiainen.

My work Cascade is built of wood, cotton straps, hinges and solenoides. The large-scale installation studies the laws of physics, making the propagation of wave motion visible.

Exhibition is open 7.8.- 29.8.2020 in Caisa Galleria, Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki. Free entry.

Pia Männikkö: Cascade, 2012Detail of Cascade, 2012

Entrotopia 2.0

Entrotopia is an international art exchange project between the Helsinki Association of Artists and civic association from Trnava, Slovakia. Works of six contemporary Slovak artists were shown in Helsinki in August 2019. The current exhibition in Synagogue – Center for Contemporary Art, Trnava, presents the work of Laura Beloff, Teemu Korpela, Pia Männikkö, Mari Mäkiö, Ville Mäkikoskela and Jukka Virkunen. I made a new version of Midsummer Night´s Dream for Synagogue.  Entrotopia 2.0 is open until 22.3.2020.

Pia Männikkö: Midsummer Night´s Dream, 2020Pia Männikkö: Midsummer Night´s Dream, rescue blankets ans fans, 2020, at Synagogue


IMPRESSIONS – A duo exhibition at the Nordic Contemporary art space in Paris
Exhibition period: 10.12.2019 – 11.01.2020
Participating artists: HEIDI LAMPENIUS (FI), PIA MÄNNIKKÖ (FI)

Nordic Contemporary, 13, Rue Taylor 75010 Paris, France
For further information please contact: T. +33 616 128 139


1.–24.11.2019, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki

nordiSKulptur, an exhibition collaboration between the Nordic Culture Point and the Association of Finnish Sculptors, brings forth fascinating Nordic contemporary sculpture. Páll Haukur and Pia Männikkö’s joint exhibition is the first in a series of three duo exhibitions that will be held at Galleria Sculptor between 2019–2021.

Welcome to the exhibition opening on Thursday, October 31, from 5 to 7 pm! Gallery Sculptor, Eteläranta 12, 00130 Helsinki. Open tue-fri 11 am – 5 pm, sat-sun 12 – 4pm.

Pia Männikkö: Kamara, 2019Pia Männikkö: Kamara, 2019, unfired clay and wood. Image: Titus Verhe

The Listeners

Listeners environmental art project starts wed 27.6. and goes on until 14.7.2019. I will place Listeners, miniature sculptures, in three different beach locations in Helsinki. If you find a sculpture, you can take it home, if you will send me a photo of the sculpture in its new home or location. Map and more info:

Pia Männikkö: Listeners, 2019