Some people knit, 2010

Masking tape, wood, concrete and metal, 210 cm x 160 cm x 140 cm

Pia Männikkö: Some people knit Pia Männikkö: Some people knit, 2010Some people knit, 2010Pia Männikkö: Some people knitSome people knit, 2010

Pia Männikkö: Some people knit, 2010


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The Skinny image

The Skinny, 28 June 2010

“Pia Männikkö’s huge sponge-like sculpture, delicately crafted from tiny masking tape funnels, and her ambitious installation that sees her cover an entire studio floor with clay, textured by the tread of her own feet, are breathtaking successes heightened by their popularity with the general public. Our relationship to space and volume are key elements to Männikkö’s projects and her work should definitely not be missed. The clay floor is particularly striking and original, maintaining the fun, childlike quality prevalent throughout the degree show.”

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Newbloodart image, 21 June 2010

“Deservedly receiving a great deal of attention, it graces the degree show’s press, is Pia Manniko’s visually astounding and tactile sculpture of indistinct weight which invites analogies of everything from coral, to rock formations, to honeycomb, to stomach lining. In an interesting decision it is curiously supported and elevated by metal rods that themselves seem to be weighing it down. The ambiguous title ‘Some People Knit’ is, like the sculpture, beautifully poised: between soft self-congratulation and rueful apology – either at dedication rewarded or compulsiveness uncontrolled – the sculpture is made out of masking tape. A diligence we can’t help but be awed by. Manniko’s other piece, a floor installation made of clay, and scarred by the movements of her own bare feet, also hint at the process of making over time. There is some defiance in her choice of material, humble in origin but elegant in outcome, that speaks of an ability to reside in any contemporary art space, with the grace of an Eva Hesse or Cornelia Parker.”

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The Scotsman Degree Show review image

The Scotsman Art Review, 16 June 2010

“Pia Männikkö’s giant honeycomb made of masking tape, both visually arresting and highly tactile, is a large-scale sculpture made in a hands-on, painstaking way. She calls it Some People Knit. Her other work is a floor installation made of clay, marked by the actions of her own bare feet (and now The Scotsman photographer’s shoes – sorry, Pia) and left to crack and dry.”

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Evening Times: Pia’s coral work of art tapes shape

Evening Times, 10 June 2010

“It may resemble coral from the sea but Pia Mannikko’s innovative work is made entirely from masking tape. The honeycombed creation, entitled Some People Knit and which took the Finnish-born art student eight months to complete, is part of the students’ degree show at Glasgow School of Art. And Pia says she may develop the piece further in the future by adding more tape. In other work at the show, Pia used toe-prints and other body parts to form a pattern in clay.”

(Article no longer available online.)