BOOKED 2022 is an exhibition devoted to books made by artists, conceptual literature, and text-based artworks. It is organized by MUU, Finland’s interdisciplinary art association. BOOKED will host over 200 artist’s books, limited edition publications and artworks. Exhibition is open from 26th Nov to 18th Dec at MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre, Helsinki.

My work in BOOKED is Writing the Landscape – Äkkisaari Island, 2021, water color on paper, size 122 cm x 92 cm.

Stolon will grow in Seinäjoki

Good news from Seinäjoki, Finland! My work Stolon (Rönsy in Finnish) was chosen to be realized in the high foyer space of the new Aallokko Family Service Center. The construction of the building starts in 2023. Read more about Stolon and four other art works that will be realized in the same new city center area next to Seinäjoki train station (in Finnish).

Sketch of Stolon / Rönsy.

Art Tube 2 in Pärnu, Estonia

Art Tube 2 presents 29.9. – 22.10.2022 eight artists in Pärnu City Gallery, which is located in the historic old Town Hall of the city of Pärnu, Estonia. Artists are Pirjetta Brander, Gunzi Holmström, Petri Hytönen, Reijo Kärkkäinen, Pia Männikkö, Noora Ojala, Mari Sydänmaanlakka ja Juha Vanonen. The diverse contemporary art exhibition consists of several different art forms, from painting and graphics to video art and spatial works. The curators are painters Satu Kalliokuusi and Mika Vesalahti. Below my masking tape works and textile work Family in Pärnu.

New public art work for Lighthouse Hospital in Turku

Last year I was chosen to make one of the public art works for a new Lighthouse hospital in Turku, Finland. The hospital has a nautical overall theme. The shapes of my work take inspiration from fyke net, the fishing equipment. Tiedon rysät consists of five separate “fykes”, materials are stainless steel and ropes. The work was installed in its location last week. The building of the hospital will finish in the end of 2021, and it will open to public in February 2022. More images here.


Natures-exhibition opens 1st of October 2021 in Maritime Centre Vellamo in Kotka. “Natures is built around the theme of landscape. In their exhibition works, each member of the group presents their own view on the theme. Nature grows and shapes itself over time, disintegrates, runs wild and assembles itself into new formations. The landscape exists in spite of us. For us, it is a vital structure: the horizon, upper world and lower world. We try to objectify the landscape, but we are always within it as well. An artist can take nature into account by taking an interest in ecological materials such as recycled fabric as a painting surfaces, earth and plant pigments and alternative painting techniques. “

The featured artists are Inka-Maaria Jurvanen, Hannele Kumpulainen, Iisa Maaranen, Pia Männikkö, Miika Nyyssönen and Sara Orava. The exhibition curator is Miika Nyyssönen. Maritime Centre Vellamo, Kotka, Finland, 1.10.2021-9.1.2022

Images of my work Growth here.

Island of Empathy

Island of Empathy explores the relationship between human beings and nature. The exhibition looks into the potential of art as a means of healing individuals, but also the ills of society while researching the notions of empathy, healing, and intersubjectivity in the context of human and non-human interaction.

The exhibition is organised in Helsinki both at HAA Gallery in Suomenlinna between 5 June–21 August 2021 and at Malmitalo Gallery between 10 June–20 August 2021. Island of Empathy is produced by Helsinki Artists’ Association in collaboration with London-based Arts Territory. The exhibition is part of Helsinki Biennial and Art Fair Suomi Goes Galleries.