Artist Statement

Pia Männikkö portrait

Body, space and their interaction are the point of departure in Pia Männikkö’s art. Männikkö is interested in how we observe our surroundings; she’s inspired by the different natural and physical phenomena and varying spatial scales. The bodily connection between a viewer and an artwork is substantial in Männikkö’s art as she aspires to create immersive situations and spaces for the viewer to enter. Mapping the passage of time, as well as creating objects that gradually grow and change, play a central role in her working process.

Pia Männikkö has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2014 and from the Glasgow School of Art in 2010. Since 2004 Männikkö’s works have been exhibited in several exhibitions in Finland and abroad, including e.g. the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Museum of Modern Art EMMA in Finland, the Nordic Contemporary Gallery in Paris, France and the Armory Gallery in Sydney, Australia. Männikkö’s first permanent public artwork was realised in 2018 in Göteborg, Sweden. Her works have been acquired for various collections, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Collection of Finnish State Art Commission.