Participate in Public Art Work for Tierp Train Station!

I am making a public art work to Tierp railway station. Tierp is a small town in Sweden, about 200 km north of Stockholm. The art work will have a large bronze relief and a soundtrack. Sounds are human-made train sounds, sounds that people make when playing with train toys, such as wooden train tracks.

I hope to get sounds for this cheerful work from people of different ages and languages. Could you record your voice to be part of Tierp sound track? The sounds can be train imitations, spoken “chugga chugga choo choo” -type of sounds, or anything in between, everyone can choose their own style.

The sounds are recorded at during winter and spring 2021. Recording can be easily done with a mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Maximum length of one recording is 90 seconds. Voices will be anonymous, participants names will not be recorded or used in any way. There is more info on the website. If you have any questions, I am happy to tell more about the art work.

Above: draft of Tierp work. The elements are the soundtrack, train track shaped bronze relief, steel plates that function as vibration loudspeakers and a wall painting.