Touching Sculpture

The Most Touching Sculpture is a multisensory exhibition organized by the Finnish Deafblind Association in cooperation with the Association of Finnish Sculptors. The sculptures in the exhibition are of different sizes, shapes, materials and have different surface feel. Unlike in most art exhibitions visitors are invited to touch the works. The purpose is to remind that for the blind and deafblind the sense of touch allows aesthetic pleasure. Also for seeing visitor being able to touch the works offers more comprehensive art experience.

My masking tape sculpture Some people knit was chosen as the most touching sculpture by Santeri Grönlund, a 16-year-old deaf-blind since birth. Santeri was attracted by the work´s particular language of form and light weight.
“This sculpture is incredibly wonderful. It has fine round shapes and its meaning remains puzzling. Few people know how to do so especially light work, which, in addition to the round forms, has its own scent”, Santeri Grönlund explained his choice.

The exhibition is open in Helsinki city center 25.10.-20.11.2016, tue-fri 11-18, sat-sun 12-16. Gallery Kaarisilta, Sanomatalo, Elielinaukio 2, 00100 Helsinki.

Otso Kantokorpi´s writing about the exihibition (in Finnish)

pia_mannikko_some_people_knit__most_touching_sculptureImage by Tuija Wetterstrand / The Finnish Deafblind Association