Back to Finland – recent exhibitions

TEOS 2016
It is time for the annual sale event of Associations of Finnish Sculptors and Finnish Printmakers: TEOS 2016 exhibition is open every day 25.2. – 6.3.2016 at Cable Factory, Helsinki. I will have there three small masking tape works that I made during my residency period in New York, after finding strong colored masking tape. These pieces will be hung on the wall, here below is one of them.

Some_people_knit_IX_sSome people knit IX, 2015, masking tape, size 38 x 21 x 17 cm

Finnish Academy of Fine Arts´ exhibition
Last Sunday ended the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts´ exhibition at the Exhibition Laboratory gallery. It had an interesting concept: everyone from the Academy, students, alumni and all of the staff could bring any work they wanted to be shown. You were not really able to tell, without reading the texts, who was a professional artist with long career, and who worked at the Academy´s office. The exhibition raised very fundamental discussions about what is art, what is good art, and how you can experience art in general.
In this exhibition I had a painting from a series I made in New York after working with a great professional dancer. This piece is named after her.

Myrrhia_Art_Academy_ExhibitionMyrrhia, 2015, acrylic and ink on canvas, size 76 x 101 cm.

Occupy space!
The Association of Finnish Sculptors had a vast exhibition, Occupy Space!, in Rovaniemi Art Museum Korundi in Lapland. Occupy Space! brought forward contemporary Finnish sculptors, from established to up-and-coming artists.
The exhibition opened during my residency period in New York, but I was able to visit Rovaniemi in the end of January during the last day of the exhibition, and finally see my  two works at the museum. I also joined the guided tour and got a lot of interesting comments from the visitors. Thank you everyone who were there!

Rovaniemi_Occupy Space_2016_sKorundi visitors examining Some people knit from 2014. In the background is a glimpse of my photo work Tenses (Rovaniemi), 2015