Residency in New York

My bag is packed ready for traveling to New York! The Finnish Cultural Institute in New York operates in the fields of contemporary art, design and architecture, creating dialogue between Finnish and American professionals and audiences. Organized by FCINY, I will be participating in the Triangle Residency located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, spending my 3-month residency period in New York in October–December 2015 as a part of Triangle’s international network of professional artists.

“For Pia Männikkö’s artistic practice the concepts of body and space are not only mere starting points, something from which something else may be found, experimented, and contested. They are the primary concepts that establish the ontology of her art, and through which all the decisions and details can be grounded and understood…”  Read the full artist introduction at FCINY´s site.

Pia Männi:kö, Tenses (Rovaniemi) One of my plans for the recidency is to continue working with photograph series Tenses.