Pop Up Art House

Pop Up Art House is a feministic art festival at Diana Stage in Helsinki. We move in and out two times a year and create an open living room that will be torn down afterwards.  Pop Up Art House includes an art exhibition, theater and music performances, workshops and other events. Each period has a specific theme, in April–May 2014 it is COMMUNICATION. The concept will be realized during 2013-2015, by Blaue Frau, Ágnes Kaszás and the Artistic Team, which I am a member of.

Lanterns made of clothes and bamboo skewers, and Big Bling, a large kinetic wall made of rescue blankets, are my contributions to the exhibition. Welcome to the exhibition and other events during the next four weeks, until 17th May!

Pia_Mannikko_Pop_Up_Art_House_Opening Pia_Mannikko_Pop_Up_Art_House_Opening_02