Phaser, part II opening soon

Welcome to the opening at Uusi Kipinä on Tuesday 29.5.2018 at 18:00-20:00!

Exhibition is open 30.5.-17.6.2018, tue-fri 12-18, sat-sun 12-16. Gallery Uusi Kipinä, Kymintie 1, Lahti, Finland.

Pia Männikkö Phaser exhibition flyer, 2018


Process Gallery

Process gallery is a Finnish online gallery which focuses in the interesting process of developing ideas and the making of art works, rather than the finished pieces. My exhibition lasts until 29.4.2018. Texts are in Finnish, but there are many pictures too:


Phaser is up and running at Gallery Lapinlahti

In kinetic installation Phaser two room-size vinyl mesh fabrics are hanging next to each others, and programmed devices slowly push the fabrics closer together. The movement of the viewer and the pushing devices create constantly changing moire patterns, that effect viewers´ perception of the distance of the fabrics.

In another room I present sculptures that I made, or started to make, during my residency in Villa Lante, Rome last autumn.

The exhibition Phaser (Vaiheinen in Finnish) at Gallery Lapinlahti, a former mental hospital in Helsinki, is open until 11.3.2018, tue-fri 12-18 and sat-sun 12-17.

Pia Männikkö: Phaser, 2018Phaser, 2018, vinyl mesh and pushing devices, 780 x 315 x 150 cm. Pia Männikkö: Phaser, 2018

Déjà Vu in Capitel Magazine

Capitel Magazine has published images of “Déjà Vu” in their October 2017 issue, themed “Movement”. My works are illustration for article “The idea of ​​movement as an obstacle in clinical psychology.” The paper is published by Universidad Humanitas in Mexico.

Pia Männikkö: Deja Vu, Capitel MagazinePia Männikkö: Deja Vu, Capitel Magazine

Greetings from Rome!

The Finnish Institute in Rome was established 60 years ago as a base for Finnish students and researchers working in Italy. The aim of the Institute is to promote Finnish work in the humanities related to Italy as well as in the arts.

Alongside the researchers there is always one artist working in the beautiful Villa Lante, a 16th century summer house, the home of the institute on top of the Gianicolo hill. The atelier at Villa Lante was built in 1966 and since then dozens of Finnish artists have been able to work enjoying the unique view and light. I have been happy to have spent already one month in the Institute´s artist residency. I will stay in Rome until the end of the year 2017.

The Finnish Institute in Rome


The artist atelier with its own terrace in Villa Lante

Summer exhibitions in the papers

Summer exhibitions are one of the delights in Finnish summer. Many newspapers  are writing about them and giving tips of where to.  Haihatus and Näkymä -exhibitions, where my works can be found at the moment, have also received nice publicity. My Näkymä-work Pyykkärin paraabelit was in the cover of Hämeen sanomat:


Here is an image of the whole installation in the ruins of an old wall paper factory. Photo taken by Enja Elomäki:


Näkymä is open every day until 31.8.2017. Free entrance!

Helsingin_sanomat_08_07_2017_sHaihatus-exhibition was in the list of recommended summer exhibitions to visit in Helsingin Sanomat. You can read the article here (only in Finnish). Haihatus is open until 25.8. 2017.