Spirited Mansion 14.8.-30.9.2015

I spent beautiful summer days last week in Harviala Mansion, an hour drive north from Helsinki. There was an international artist symposium Spirited Mansion. We worked for six days making installations, land art, photographs, paintings etc. in the mansion´s gallery and other buildings. Artists: Aya Imamura, Salla Laurinolli, Andris Makarockovskis, Pia Männikkö, Patricia Pisani, Agita Steinberga, Katri Stenberg and Anssi Taulu. The exhibition in open during happenings and by appointment till the end of September.

Pia Männikkö: Searchers, 2015

Pia Männikkö: Searchers, 2015. Found objects, motors, lights and sound.

OpenART starts again!

OpenART, Scandinavia’s biggest public art biennial, opens again in two days! I was in Örebro in 2013 when that beautiful small town was filled with art the previous time, I had four works in the biennial. I definitely recommend a visit to OpenART if your adventures take you to Sweden this summer. Here are images of my 2013 works:

Pia Männikkö: Tempo, 2013Pia Männikkö: Tempo, 2013Pia Männikkö: Tempo, 2013Tempo, 2013, ink drawings on paper and tulle fabric, 3 m x 3 m x 3 m,  Stortorget square

Pia Männikkö, Tenses-series, 2014Tenses, 2013, (detail) pigment print, 228 cm x 135 cm, Vågen KonstRUM.

Pia Männikkö: Midsummer Night´s Dream, 2013

Midsummer Night´s Dream, 2013, rescue blankets and fans, 12 m x 12 m, Örebro County Museum.

IMG_6457_edited_s Déjà Vu, 2013, tulle fabric and ink, Örebro County Museum

Tracing performance

My first show of the year is opening next week in Gallery Oksasenkatu11 in Helsinki! Tracing performance -exhibition will have artworks in which an act of performance has been a vital part of the working process, and works that have been inspired by a performance, resulting in a new piece of art.
Tracing performance artists: Liisa Ahlfors / Outimaija Hakala / Meri Hietala & Antti Ahonen / Katri Kainulainen & Antti Ahonen / Karolina Kucia / Maximilian Latva / Pia Männikkö / Tuomo Rainio.
Open 18.2.-1.3.2015. Tue-Fri at 3-7pm, sat-sun at 1-5pm. Welcome!


Stratum, unfired clay and wood. (Image from previous version, new sculpture will be made at Oksasenkatu11 gallery.)

Déjà Vu featured in Highlike book

Published by Highlike.org in the end of 2014, this hard cover book is a compilation of many contemporary artists working in unique ways and with atypical materials. I am pleased to have my work Déjà Vu included in this book.

Highlike book cover“FILE – Electronic Language International Festival and SESI publishing house launch the “highlike book”. This is a yearbook on global contemporary ART and CULTURE. Its first edition has 584 pages with 577 artists from 35 countries. The “highlike book” encompasses several aspects of contemporary culture, providing the user a new form of appreciation of an art book. This is a book connected to the cloud. All information, images, videos and texts, is connected to their on-line counterparts in several languages, in a hybrid book which maintains its physical aspects and the virtual simultaneity of multimedia information. Its main purpose is to provide users with a new way of access culture in a global diversified view on the contemporary creativity in its transversal and heuristic aspect, by means of technologies currently available.”

Mänttä Art Festival

Mänttä Art Festival is the largest annual contemporary art exhibition in Finland. It was first arranged in 1993.  The main venue is Pekilo, a former industrial building, with all of its four floors renovated into an art space.  This year the curator was Minna Joenniemi, who invited 60 artists to the exhibition.

I had two works in Pekilo, a 4,5 meters long photograph Tenses, and a new version of masking tape sculpture Some people knit, pictured below.

Pia Mannikko, Mantta Art Festival, Some people knit 2014Pia Mannikko, Mantta Art Festival, Some people knit 2014